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Become our model and style our fashion


Become our model. We are looking for women and couples that would want to model our fashion. 

“Are you ready to take center stage and become a fashion model? We are seeking women of all backgrounds and sizes, to become the model of our prestigious fashion brand. As our fashion model, you will embody elegance, sophistication, and confidence, captivating audiences with your stunning looks and magnetic presence.



Whether you have no modeling experience, or you’re an aspiring model looking to launch your career, this is your chance to shine. Embrace your individuality and let your charisma radiate through each pose and stride. As our fashion model, you will inspire others to embrace their unique beauty, becoming a beacon of style and confidence.

You don't need any modeling experience

we want real women just like you

We want real women just like you and we will make sure you have fun being photographed. Diversity is very important to our brand and we want all women to be reflected in our images and marketing. All women are welcome. We want to include women of all ages, backgrounds, and shapes.


Also, you do not need any modeling experience. Don’t worry. Allie Serrano will guide you every step of the way from expression to posing and capture amazing images of you. Here is a portfolio of women previously photographed by Allie Serrano Portraits


be photographed
by a professional portrait

Allie Serrano

About Allie Serrano

You are in luck. You don’t have to even know how to model or have any posing experience. You’ll be photographed by the one and only Allie Serrano, the owner of Allie Serrano Portraits, and she will guide you every step of the way.


Allie Serrano is the owner of both Styles by Allie and Allie Serrano Portraits. As a portrait photographer with over 18 years of experience, she has been styling her clients for every photoshoot. It was her dream to one day own her own fashion clothing boutique as well, to help source the right outfits for the women she photographs. And so Styles by Allie was born.


“Hi everyone, my name is Allie Serrano. I was born in the Czech Republic, near Prague, in the heart of Europe. When I was little, I was bullied for having red hair. Other kids laughed at me and called me names for being different. This changed the way I saw myself. For years, I thought I was not good enough….Read more on my other site Allie Serrano Portraits


what to expect

luxury photoshoot + makeover + shopping credit

Here is what you will receive if you get accepted to be a model of Styles by Allie: 

  • The full photoshoot experience ($1,250 value)
  • 2-hour fashion, boudoir, or branding photoshoot in the studio of Allie Serrano Portraits
  • 3+ Outfit changes  
  • With makeup or No makeup photoshoot experience
  • $50 shopping credit at Styles by Allie
  • Signature Image Retouching (we make everyone look great in photos)
  • You will get tagged on Instagram and Facebook
  • Images are not included but you will receive a $1,250 credit toward images and image collections 

We will ask you for a $250 deposit to book your photoshoot, which will secure your photoshoot date and get you booked in. 

become our model,

we will ask you to pay a $250 deposit

We value your time and we value our time as well. When you book your photoshoot, we ask for a $250 deposit to book your photoshoot. This will make sure that you are committed to the photoshoot, that you will actually turn up to be photographed, and secure the studio photoshoot date and time of Allie Serrano with Allie Serrano Portraits as your amazing professional portrait photographer.


+ you'll get $1,250 credit toward your images or image collections

Images are not included but you will receive a very luxurious credit of $1,250 that you can use toward images and image collections. 

  • One image ala carte is $625 (so this would give you 2 images ala carte)
  • Image & product collections range from $3,000 to $6,500 

You can choose which collection fits you the best and apply the credit to that collection

As the next step, Allie will connect with you and go over all the details during the call. 

 You will look amazing. We cannot guarantee how amazing you are going to look in your photos.


We will ask you to sign a Model Release in exchange for the luxurious image credit so that we can use the images to promote Styles by Allie and Allie Serrano Portraits. If you’d like to keep the images private, we can schedule a custom photoshoot.

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Styles by Allie reserves the right to select the right models to represent our brand. Diversity is very important to us and we want women of all shapes, colors, and sizes. 

We will ask you to pay a $250 deposit to book your photoshoot. If you don’t pay the deposit within 2 weeks of the photoshoot date, if you don’t show up to the photoshoot, or cancel at least within 3 business days, we will keep the deposit. You will be asked to sign a Model Release giving us permission to use your images to market and promote our business. 

You have the right to refuse and decline your images to be used keeping them private but then we will ask you to pay the entire $1,250 deposit which is customary for a private session. 
See the full pricing options at Allie Serrano Portraits

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